Israel: Stories from the West Bank

With photographs by Mati Milstein, words from Sameeha Hureini and Aliza Schwartz, art by Francine Perlman, fiction by Daniel Spector, and poetry by Rabbi Professor Jonathan Magonet.

The Social Values Underlying Smol Emuni

In the US, we often think about human rights in a “liberal” framework that focuses on individual rights and a separation of church and state. As Smol Eumni has taken shape, it finds itself more animated by collective concerns like equality and the needs of the poor, speaking in religious language perhaps analogous to the […]

The Divine People?

A man holds a protest sign that says "Crime Minister." There are Israeli flags in the background. Headshots of Suzanne Schneider and Yotam Hotam. Photo by Gili Getz.

What can political theology teach us about the current decline of liberalism? Read our white paper by scholars Suzanne Schneider, Ph.D, and Yotam Hotam, Ph.D.

What Do We Mean By A Jewish State?

Amit Gvaryahu, Ph.D, will investigate this question in part two of Emor’s three-part series on the Threefold Cord: Democracy, Nationalism, and Human Rights in a Jewish State.

Zionism Before and After the Nation-State

Graphic with name of webinar

Professor Julie Cooper, Senior Lecturer in the Political Science Department at Tel Aviv University, will explore how a historical lens can widen our perspective on Zionism today.