The Threefold Cord

The endeavor of Jewish national life in the land of Israel has, from its origins, struggled with the fact that it is the homeland of two peoples, that Jewish heritage clashes with the Palestinian daily life of generations. Too often, attempts to resolve this struggle assume a zero-sum game that pits Jews and Palestinians against each other. The occupation is one of the results. 

Emor asks: What if a new approach were possible? Through the Threefold Cord Project (see Kohelet 4:12), we unpack longstanding assumptions about how democracy, nationalism (that is, Zionism), and human rights are intertwined in the Jewish State. This project explores questions such as: What does Israel’s democracy signify to different audiences? What is Zionism in the 21st century, and what could it be? What do we even mean by a Jewish state?

Threefold Cord

Threefold Cord Webinars

A collection of webinars that delved deeper into each of the three cords.
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Threefold Cord

Reading Esther in This Time of War

DAVID ARNOW is the author of "Creating Lively Passover Seders" and co-editor of "My People’s Passover Haggadah." His most recent book is "Choosing Hope: The ...
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A man holds a protest sign that says "Crime Minister." There are Israeli flags in the background. Headshots of Suzanne Schneider and Yotam Hotam. Photo by Gili Getz. Long Read

“The Divine People?” A Threefold Cord Publication

What can political theology teach us about the current decline of liberalism? Read our white paper by scholars Suzanne Schneider, Ph.D, and Yotam Hotam, Ph.D.
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