American democracy, like many democracies across the world, is in a time of crisis. We also know that the US has never been a perfect democracy–indeed, there has never been a truly inclusive  multiracial democracy anywhere. We need to both restore the systems of government to basic functionality and, simultaneously, reenvision a government that is truly of all the people, by all the people, and for all the people. What wisdom can Jewish tradition and history contribute to this project?


Hope in 2022

Join David Arnow, Ph.D., for a deep dive into hope in Jewish tradition and history, and the role hope can play in our public lives. (Thurs. 11/10, 3pm ET)

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Welcome to Emor

A letter from our Director Rabbi Lev Meirowitz Nelson: “We’re excited you’re here to join the conversation about the big Jewish ideas that can help reshape our world…”

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