The rhetoric of freedom is ascendant on the right today: freedom to carry guns, freedom of religious practice, freedom from government regulation. Judaism has a much wider take on what freedom means and how it is bound up with responsibility. Join the conversation about how we can make freedom work for everyone.

Art by Sandra Encaoua |
Blue duotone photo of bird breaking through barbed wire fence Open Call

Freedom Call for Submissions

Emor seeks submissions from thinkers, artists, activists, and the curious for Freedom, a new magazine that will be published in spring 2023.

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Reclaiming “Freedom”

Wed, Oct 19, 3pm ET: What’s the line between liberty and liberation? It’s time for a deeper look at what we mean by “freedom” and why that language should be ours again.

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Welcome to Emor

A letter from our Director Rabbi Lev Meirowitz Nelson: “We’re excited you’re here to join the conversation about the big Jewish ideas that can help reshape our world…”

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